HeartCross Gremory


When u think about the name Gremory u think about the Demon Duke or the LightNovel/Anime Highschool DxD but when u think about the LN/Anime u think about Rias Gremory. Well both dont look alike but at least both have Crimson Hair and more or less huge Oppai`s… well i will finish here with my bad joke and go straight about her. Gremory is a really strong 144x Heartcross Leader her subpool isnt much but its enough for her. She only needs 4 Cards to be good. Continue reading HeartCross Gremory

Random Thoughts

I think i will try to write something about MY ideal teams and ideas. I wish it will help others and try to give them ideas as well. The other thing is i try to use mostly cards that  i own myself, but will sometimes listen cards i don`t have when i think it would fit there.

I hope this will Help others and give them some inspiring Ideas to create their own teams.

Thoughts about Khepri


Khepri can be considered as a real Powerhouse Chick. Her Leader Skill is a whooping 225x Duo Lead her only drawback is you cant clear 3 orbs or 4 orbs you need 5 orbs or more to do a combo but as a substation she has a 25x unconditional one with a 4x for doing 3 combos that should be easy with her Active Skills who adds 2 Combos to your regular combo count. Means when you only do 1 Water Row without any other matches you get 2 Combos as addition which means you did 3 Combos for only matching 1 water row thanks to her skill. But with enough TE it shouldnt be really a Problem to match 15 Orbs in 3 Combos. She has  2 TE and she is bind immune with the bonus of having a bind clear awakening she has some really helpful Awakenings and Active skill that works Perfectly with her Leader skill. Don`t forget  that she is a Pure Row Leader that makes her strong, she works mostly efficiently with a Row Team. Continue reading Thoughts about Khepri

My thinking of the Perfect Fenrir Team

Foto 13.11.16, 15 21 30.png

Well i know that the jammer meta is now dead, but Fenrir is the strongest Rainbow leader in Pad, to be exactly he is a Rainbow Jammer Lead with sort of a really easy  leader skill. You only need to match 3 Jammers to get 4x or 16x on Duo Lead that goes up with 9 orbs to 10x or 100x for Duo Leader with matching 4 Colors for a 2x or 4x up to 5 Colors for 2,5 or 6,25x as Duo Lead. That means for matching 9 Jammer orbs and matching  Water,Wood,Fire,Light and Dark  in  a combo you will get a boost of 625x on a Duo Lead that is Freaking strong. And Matching 5 combos isnt really hard or 6 with enough TE. Continue reading My thinking of the Perfect Fenrir Team